Accommodation Update 2023 (video archive)


Accommodation Update 2023 (video on demand)

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Video 1: The Year's Top Accommodation Cases 

Marcus Davies and Jana Linner (2 h 38 min)

A review of important new accommodation cases from across Canada that offer valuable takeaways for unions and employers handling accommodation cases

Video 2: Update on Accommodating Family Status 

Sue Barber and Sam Schonhoffer (34 min)

New cases on the test for family status, reasonable vs. perfect accommodation, need vs. preference and the impact of cost and safety.

Video 3: Update on Accommodating Mental Disabilities 

Sue Barber and Sam Schonhoffer (42 min)

New cases on terminations related to mental disabilities, requests for mental health information and return-to-work protocols following a mental health leave.

Video 4: Update on Accommodating Substance Addiction

Sue Barber and Sam Schonhoffer (26 min)

New cases on approaches to substance-related misconduct, evidence required to establish a connection, the impact of safety and the limits on accommodating substance dependency.

Video 5: Update on Accommodation Remedies 

Sue Barber and Sam Schonhoffer (29 min)

New cases on remedies for the failure to accommodate including monetary damages, reinstatement with conditions, human rights training, public apologies and remedies for breaching the procedural duty to accommodate.

Total viewing enjoyment: 4 hours 49 minutes
Virtual binder: 87 pages covering all topics
Recorded in Saskatoon on May 24, 2023.


Susan Barber, K.C. – Employer Counsel, McDougall Gauley
Marcus Davies – Union Counsel, Buettner Davies Law
Jana Linner, K.C. – Employer Counsel, MLT Aikins 
Sam Schonhoffer – Union Counsel, Gerrand Rath Johnson

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