The 28th Annual Manitoba Labour Law Review (video on demand)


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Session 1: Manitoba Labour Law Update 

Cindy Lazar & Fred Thiessen (morning of November 15) (2 h 28 min)

A review of new Manitoba labour arbitration awards, human rights decisions and Manitoba Labour Board cases and their impact on Manitoba unions and employers.  

Session 2: Four Labour Law Topics 

Keith LaBossiere & Dayna Steinfeld (afternoon of November 15) (2 h 32 min)

Workplace Privacy: Reasonable Expectations and Unreasonable Intrusions

  • Electronic performance monitoring: New technologies, new cases
  • Drug and alcohol testing: A review of the rules
  • Evolving jurisprudence (and science) on recreational cannabis use
  • Data and devices: Employee privacy interests related to work devices
  • Privacy at arbitration: When privacy interests outweigh the open court principle
  • Employee privacy rights re: vaccines/disclosing vaccination status 

Key Employee Duties in the Workplace (and what happens when they are breached)

  • The employee's duty of fidelity
  • The work-now-grieve-later rule
  • The duty to cooperate in the accommodation process
  • The duty to mitigate losses 

​Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Workplace: Tougher Laws, Better Practices 

  • Promoting a harassment-free workplace: What the law requires
  • Higher damage awards: What the courts are awarding victims of workplace assault
  • No damage awards: The courts are denying wrongful dismissal suits by employees accused
  • Practical policies that change workplace culture 

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: Higher Legal Expectations on Employers

  • Higher damage awards: The new direction of the courts
  • The evolving definition of racism: what every employer has to know
  • Avoiding lawsuits through better workplace practices and policies 

Session 3:  Accommodation Update

Shandra Czarnecki & Bill Sumerlus (morning of November 16) (2 h 37 min)

A review of important new accommodation cases from across Canada that offer valuable takeaways for unions and employers handling accommodation cases

Session 4: Ask a Labour Lawyer

Tracey Epp & Bill Sumerlus (afternoon of November 16) (1 h 35 m)

Union and management counsel answer your questions on labour law issues. 

Total viewing enjoyment: 9 hours 12 min

Virtual binder: 123 pages covering all topics


Shandra Czarnecki – Employer Counsel, MLT Aikins
Tracey Epp, K.C. – Employer Counsel, Pitblado Law
Keith LaBossiere, K.C. – Labour Law Counsel, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman
Cynthia Lazar – Employer Counsel, Taylor McCaffrey
Dayna Steinfeld – Union Counsel, RavenLaw
William Sumerlus – Union Counsel, Winnipeg
Fred Thiessen – Union Counsel, Gange Collins

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