**NEW** The 28th Annual Manitoba Labour Law Review (video on demand)



The 28th Annual Manitoba Labour Law Review (video on demand)

The year's top labour law developments and their impact on Manitoba unions and employers

This year's conference took place on November 15 & 16, 2022 in Winnipeg and is now available as a video on demand.

Missed the live program?

If you were not able to attend the live program on November 15 & 16, you can still enjoy the entire two-day conference as a video on demand that includes the conference binder in PDF format and a video of the entire two-day conference. 

‚ÄčATTENTION LAWYERS: This video offers Manitoba lawyers a total of 11.25 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


MORNING SESSION (8:30 to 12:00)
Cindy Lazar and Fred Thiessen

Manitoba Labour Law Update

A review of new Manitoba labour arbitration awards, human rights decisions and Manitoba Labour Board cases and their impact on Manitoba unions and employers.  

AFTERNOON SESSION (1:15 to 4:30)
Keith LaBossiere and Dayna Steinfeld

Workplace Privacy: Reasonable Expectations and Unreasonable Intrusions

  • Electronic performance monitoring: New technologies, new cases
  • Drug and alcohol testing: A review of the rules
  • Evolving jurisprudence (and science) on recreational cannabis use
  • Data and devices: Employee privacy interests related to work devices
  • Privacy at arbitration: When privacy interests outweigh the open court principle
  • Employee privacy rights re: vaccines/disclosing vaccination status 

Key Employee Duties in the Workplace (and what happens when they are breached)

  • The employee's duty of fidelity
  • The work-now-grieve-later rule
  • The duty to cooperate in the accommodation process
  • The duty to mitigate losses 

Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Workplace: Tougher Laws, Better Practices 

  • Promoting a harassment-free workplace: What the law requires
  • Higher damage awards: What the courts are awarding victims of workplace assault
  • No damage awards: The courts are denying wrongful dismissal suits by employees accused of harassment
  • Practical policies that change workplace culture 

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: Higher Legal Expectations on Employers

  • Higher damage awards: The new direction of the courts
  • The evolving definition of racism: what every employer has to know
  • Avoiding lawsuits through better workplace practices and policies 


MORNING SESSION (8:30 to 12:00)
Shandra Czarnecki and Bill Sumerlus

Accommodation Update

A review of important new accommodation cases from across Canada that offer valuable takeaways for unions and employers handling accommodation cases

AFTERNOON SESSION (1:15 to 3:00)
Tracey Epp and Bill Sumerlus

Ask a Labour Lawyer

Union and management counsel answer your questions on labour law issues. 


Shandra Czarnecki – Employer Counsel, MLT Aikins
Tracey Epp, K.C. – Employer Counsel, Pitblado Law
Keith LaBossiere, K.C. – Labour Law Counsel, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman
Cynthia Lazar – Employer Counsel, Taylor McCaffrey
Dayna Steinfeld – Union Counsel, RavenLaw
William Sumerlus – Union Counsel, Winnipeg
Fred Thiessen – Union Counsel, Gange Collins


Individual: $795 (plus $39.75 GST = $834.75) 
Group (3+ each): $745 (plus $37.25 GST = $782.25) 
Super Group (7+ each): $695 (plus $34.75 GST = $729.75) 
Mega Group (15+ each): $645 (plus $32.25 = $677.25

To qualify for group rates, individuals must be from the same organization, or union local, AND register together at the same time.  Individuals registering separately will not qualify for group rates.

Registration for the video/binder package includes the conference binder in PDF format and a video of the conference proceedings with 30-day password access.