Accommodation Update 2022 (video on demand)

Your Presenters

Gary Bainbridge, Q.C.
Union Counsel
Bainbridge Jodouin Cheecham
Kevin Wilson, Q.C.
Employer Counsel
MLT Aikins LLP


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VIDEO 1: The Year's Top Accommodation Cases
(Run time: 2 hours 49 minutes)

A review of important new accommodation cases in Canada and the key takeaways they offer unions and employers. 

VIDEO 2: Update on Accommodating Family Status
(Run time: 53 minutes)

While there is still no national consensus on the test for family status, new cases keep Gary and Kevin hopping! 

VIDEO 3: Update on Accommodating Mental Disabilities
(Run time: 57 minutes)

New cases on accommodating mental disabilities and successful strategies for handling challenging mental health accommodations.

VIDEO 4: Update on Accommodating Substance Addictions
(Run time: 50 minutes)

A review of recent cases that offer guidelines for accommodating employees with substance addictions. 

VIDEO 5: Update on Accommodation Remedies 
(Run time: 52 minutes)

Gary and Kevin review some eye-popping remedies awarded in recent accommodation cases.

(Total run time of five-part series: 6 hours 21 minutes)


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