The Progressive Discipline Seminar (streaming video)



Now there's an easy way for Supervisors and Stewards to learn the essentials of progressive discipline in the unionized workplace

Learn how to tackle everyday discipline cases with skill and confidence from the labour lawyer who presented this seminar across Canada for 30 years. 

This indispensable and unique learning tool is A MUST for every front-line supervisor and union steward in your workplace. 

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Total run time: 5 hours 16 minutes

The Fundamentals of Progressive Discipline

Key concepts and underlying principles governing progressive discipline in the unionized workplace:

  • Questions to ask before any discipline is imposed
  • The key stages of progressive discipline
  • Just cause, mitigating factors and culminating incidents
  • Effective and ineffective warnings
  • When discipline should never be used

Discipline and Human Rights

Accommodation and other human rights protections to consider before discipline is imposed:

  • When to discipline, when to accommodate
  • Enforceability of automatic-termination clauses
  • Enforceability of zero-tolerance policies
  • Enforceability of last-chance agreements

Drugs, Alcohol and Discipline

Guidelines for handling cases of misconduct involving drugs or alcohol:

  • Distinguishing between substance abuse and addiction
  • Handling impairment at work
  • Dealing with the employee in denial
  • Practical considerations for accommodating substance-dependent employees

Poor Performance and Bad Attitude

What are appropriate standards of employee performance and how should they be measured?

  • Appropriate and inappropriate responses to poor performance
  • Defining the standards and communicating them to employees
  • Performance standards for probationary employees
  • Can an employee be disciplined for bad attitude alone?

Dealing with Excessive Absenteeism

What are some legitimate employer responses to excessive innocent absenteeism?

  • When is absenteeism considered innocent vs. disciplinary?
  • How much absenteeism is considered excessive?
  • When does termination become an option?
  • When can absenteeism policies be challenged on human rights grounds?

Dealing with Pattern Absences

What options are available to employers when dealing with suspicious absences?

  • When do employers have just cause to intervene?
  • Appropriate employer responses
  • When substance abuse is suspected as the root cause
  • Surveillance and other options available to verify suspicious absences

Enforcement of Employer Rules

When are employer rules valid and enforceable and when are they subject to union challenge?

  • The legal requirements for valid employer rules
  • The impact of an unreasonable rule
  • How should rules be communicated to employees?
  • Enforcing rules that have been unevenly enforced

Total run time: 5 hours 16 minutes


Grant Mitchell, K.C. is a labour arbitrator and former labour lawyer.

For 30 years, Grant has addressed thousands of union and employer representatives in cities across Canada on progressive discipline in the unionized workplace.

He has earned top ratings for his clear and effective communication style.  


Individual  $595 each*
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Mega Group (20+)  $495 each*
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To qualify for group rates, individuals must be from the same organization, or union local, AND register together at the same time. Individuals registering separately will not qualify for group rates.


  1. The famous Progressive Discipline (Virtual) Binder in PDF format with 112 pages with detailed coverage of all topics
  2. Over 5 hours of on-demand viewing pleasure 
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