COVID-19 and the Unionized Workplace: Key Decisions and Takeaways

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Shandra Czarnecki
Employer Counsel
MLT Aikins LLP
William Sumerlus
Union Counsel

Recent decisions by labour arbitrators, labour boards and human rights tribunals offer valuable takeaways for unions and employers grappling with the impact of COVID-19


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PART 1: The Legality of Mandatory Vaccinations

Learn where legal decision-makers stand on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

PART 2: Workplace COVID-19 Testing Programs

The legality of mandatory Workplace COVID-19 testing programs that are gaining ground in Canada.

PART 3: Health & Safety Measures and Dangerous Work Refusals

Learn what labour relations boards, labour arbitrators and the courts have said about an employer’s obligation to provide a safe workplace in the era of COVID-19.  

PART 4: COVID-19 and the Impact on Collective Bargaining

Learn what labour relations boards have said about the impact of COVID-19 on the application of collective agreement provisions and whether the ordinary rules of collective bargaining continue to apply. 

PART 5: Paid Sick Leave During the Pandemic

Recent case law considers employee entitlement to paid sick leave for COVID-related absences.  

PART 6: Discipline and Termination for Breaching COVID-19 Rules

How labour arbitrators have ruled in cases of discipline and dismissal for breach of COVID-related work rules. 

(Total run time of this video: 93 minutes)


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